Countryside Bridals: Lauren

The evening we met up to do Lauren's bridal portraits was hands down the most beautiful light I have ever experienced. Combine that with the beautiful farm and bride-to-be, and my photographer heart was over the moon. 

Yesterday, Lauren became a wife, and looked even more radiant than she does in these pictures...and that is saying alot!

Congratulations to the new Mr. + Mrs. Conner.

Anniversary: Charlotte + Kevin

I am a big fan of celebrating marriages. More specifically through anniversary sessions. While it may seem like something that isn't important or something you just don't have time for, make time for it. It is so easy to get in the routine of life and forget that you have actually changed and grown. And that this person beside you is there to hold your hand along the way.

Charlotte was a sorority sister of mine at Clemson! She emailed me about taking anniversary photos for her and Kevin. I love that even though technically these were taken about 1.5 years into marriage, it didn't matter! She graduated from law school and they had just moved to Atlanta. Lots of life changes and exciting things going on that they wanted to document and celebrate.

Take the time to capture moments, even if you are 6 months late (or 6 months early for year 2...just depends how you look at it). One day, your kids will love looking back at how young and in love mom and dad were (and still are).

Downtown Charleston Engagement: Jennie + Ryan

Where to even begin with these two! Jennie and I were in the same KD pledge class at Clemson! She is so kind, so smart, and has this unbelievable ability to pull off a bold red lip at all times! And wow, the way Ryan speaks to Jennie and about her is something to be admired. Fellas if you are struggling in the lady department, give this guy a call!

Ever since these two started dating, I would keep up with them on social media (creeper alert) and awaited the day they got engaged because they were so obviously meant to be! Spending this Sunday morning with them only confirmed my feelings, they are as the kids say - goals. I absolutely cannot wait for their big day in December!

Engaged: Kirsten + Brock

Where to even begin! This session was too fun and resulted in some of my most favorite images to date! My husband, Will, and Kirsten actually used to work together as Physical Therapy Aides several years ago! Thank goodness for Facebook, because after Brock proposed, Kirsten posted a status asking for recommendations for wedding vendors. You better believe my biased husband commented and recommended me. And not long after, I got a sweet email from Kirsten inquiring about wedding photography.

I brought Will along with me to the shoot to help out, and the four of us had so much fun chatting before the session that it was a good 30 minutes before we even started taking pictures. As you will see by the pictures towards the end of the shoot, this worked out greatly in our favor because we hit golden hour so hard and my photographer's heart is so happy.

Kirsten + Brock, I absoultey cannot wait for your big day in Septmember!

Bleckley Inn Bridals: Delaney

Yesterday, Delaney became a Beeco and I couldn't be giddier! One reason is because I finally get to share her gorgeous bridals!! I used to only think of bridals for the purpose of having one to print and display at the actual wedding, but even if that isn't your thing, bridals still have a purpose! They give you a chance to try out your full wedding look (hair, makeup, dress and all). They give you a chance to feel comfortable in your dress and in front of the camera. They give you and your sweet mom a special memory. And they give your photographer some stress-free time to focus on the beautiful details of the upcoming day (i.e. bring jewelry, stationery, rings, etc).

Dying to start editing their big day, but in the meantime I have a feeling her beatufl bridals will hold you over!