Bleckley Inn Bridals: Delaney

Yesterday, Delaney became a Beeco and I couldn't be giddier! One reason is because I finally get to share her gorgeous bridals!! I used to only think of bridals for the purpose of having one to print and display at the actual wedding, but even if that isn't your thing, bridals still have a purpose! They give you a chance to try out your full wedding look (hair, makeup, dress and all). They give you a chance to feel comfortable in your dress and in front of the camera. They give you and your sweet mom a special memory. And they give your photographer some stress-free time to focus on the beautiful details of the upcoming day (i.e. bring jewelry, stationery, rings, etc).

Dying to start editing their big day, but in the meantime I have a feeling her beatufl bridals will hold you over!