Ivy Hall at Roswell Mill Wedding: Kathleen + Jordan

This day was 8 years in the making! Kathleen + Jordan got married in the church right next to the high school they met at many moons ago. This day was full of laughter, a few tears, and so much joy!

Congratulations to The Senkens!! I absolutely adored capturing your big day.

6.10.2017 | St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church | Ivy Hall at Roswell Mill

Sanibel Island Inn Wedding: Kaitlyn + Nate

Moving multiple times growing up made the question "Where are you from?" a difficult one to answer. But the one constant all of those years was our annual trip to Sanibel Island with my mom's side of the family! They have been going since she was in high school. Sanibel will forever have a special place in my heart! 

When my cousin Kaitlyn told us that she was going to be having her wedding in Sanibel, I couldn't think of a better place! The venue they booked included a photographer for the ceremony, so I had the pleasure of spending that special time right beforehand as she prepared to marry her groom! So many of my favorite memories with Katie growing up are filled with non-stop giggles (so much so that our moms called us the "giggle girls"). But this day is one of my favorites! She was the most carefree, radiant and joyful bride and I am so happy she found sweet Nate!