Hey! I’m emily bolt.

I am a photographer who loves capturing beautifully designed spaces and creative faces!
But truly it’s more than that. Being a photographer isn’t my job, photography is a part of my everyday life.

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Meet the Bolts

Emily (that’s me!), my husband Will and our sweet little boys Hayes and Rudy! Oh and our pup, Ollie (who even though he has fallen down quite a few pegs on the totem pole in recent years is still a valuable member of the family). We did everything we could to move back to our favorite little city of Greenville, SC after Will finished Physical Therapy and don’t have any plans of leaving.

I often attribute my love of interiors to the fact that I moved a lot growing up. Each time we moved the only silver lining was that we got to look for a new house. You know those annoying kids on some episodes of House Hunters who tag along with the parents…yeah, had a recent realization that I was most likely that kid. Sorry mom and dad. Before Zillow was a thing I would look at good ole Realtor.com (even when we weren’t looking for a house) just to look at houses. When our monthly Southern Living Magazine came in the mail, I would study the floor plans, because that’s normal right? As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to love for the process of turning a house into a home. And now that we have a house of our own, I have a space to truly develop our style and curate a happy home. Thank goodness, I married a fellow homebody who appreciates every gradual change to The Bolt Abode.

I love to photograph creatives because I am one! I’ve always been creative…I like to think I got it from my Grandma Dearest (her name for us to call her - but she deserved it) who was an artist. In high school Art and Art History were two of my favorite classes. In college I studied Graphic Design and started out my first few years in the workforce as a graphic designer. I grew my photography business on the side along the way and now I have to reality checks often that this is what I get to do full time. Along with being a stay-at-home mom, which is my literal dream come true.

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