Believer | Wife | Photographer | Designer | Creative

I was lucky enough to grow up with a mom who documented every moment of my childhood. While I loved to be (and still love to be) a ham in front of the camera, I have found that behind the camera I feel at home.

I truly believe photography is one of the most rewarding jobs because it allows you to be present and a part of some of life's most special moments: to hear sweet words between (almost) husband & wives, to see stolen glances and looks that make you weak in the knees, to experience big steps alongside your clients, and to be able to capture it so they can cherish that moment forever.  

I don't want to pose or portray your day or session in any way. I aim to capture and highlight the natural feel between two people in love, the excitement of taking the next step, and all the laughter that accompanies everyday life. 

Based out of Greenville, SC and willing to go wherever your heart desires.